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Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is used for the treatment of a wide variety of painful orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Swiss dolorclast shockwave machines have set a standard in the orthopedic shockwave treatment industry and are used worldwide. These devices are easy to handle, mobile and highly effective.

Swiss dolorclast shockwave machines generate shockwaves which are transmitted to the pain area to treat the pain. The shock wave device consists of a controlling unit made up of a mobile device, variable frequency setting options, pre-setting the impulse rate and impulse counter. The frequency of the waves and the duration of treatment remain flexible and can be set appropriately by your doctor.

The different features of these devices are:

- Highly effective
- Low to high energy levels
- Portable unit
- Pneumatically generated shockwaves
- High treatment frequency
- Treats wide range of indications
- High quality design
- Autoclavable parts
- Different applicators for different indications


The different features of these devices are:

- Non invasive
- No anesthesia needed
- High success rates for relieving pain
- Fast results
- Improved quality of life following treatment

Hear what our patients have to say

Patient stories

Mr Ajis is a great surgeon, he listens to any concern you may have and explains what is going to happen also gives great care... He suggested a fairly new procedure that wasn't available on the NHS but he pushed me through and he and his team have worked wonders, I am now healing very well and pain-free in my ankle after 6 years!

Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Mr Ajis was very informative and reassuring about my surgery. He was professional at all times and allowed time for me to have all my questions answered without feeling rushed.

Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital