"The service provided by Mr Ajis is always tremendous, he always cares about his patients."

"He has supported me through this surgery very well, he makes sure you are happy and is very much hands-on and personable."

I had a consultation with Mr Ajis in October 2017 following more and more discomfort with Hallux Ridigus on both feet. In January 2018, I had my operation at 8am and was back in my room before 9am. I have recovered extremely well and cannot believe the pain I had been experiencing had vanished and the flexibility in both big toes are amazing. I wish to personally thank Mr Ajis for his expertise, kindness and for the operation that has allowed me to walk pain-free again.

- Helen Arnold

I have been under the care of Mr Ajis for the past two years, during which time I have had two operations. I have arthritis in my big toe, which has caused me great distress as I was unable to walk any distance without severe pain. Mr Ajis has always been very encouraging and always gave me the confidence to believe that he could sort problem out. Three months after the second operation I am now walking almost normally and although not totally pain free, I am hoping that it will improve even more over the next few months. I am very grateful to you, Mr Ajis, for your kindness and your skill.

- Written by a patient at The Chichester Nuffield Hospital

Mr Ajis explained what would happen and answered my questions helpfully. Both surgeries went without problems and I recovered very well and speedily.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I expected a lot of pain from my foot operation whereas I had little or no pain. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do, what more would a patient wish for? Adam Ajis is approachable and easy to talk to. A skill some surgeons do not possess. He is able and willing to discuss and explain in a language understandable to the average layman the precise problem you have and how he is going to deal with it. I am impressed. I have already 'referred' a friend to him who is equally impressed. At the Nuffield Chichester, he is supported by a very professional team in whom I have the greatest confidence.

- Written by a patient at The Chichester Nuffield Hospital

Until this year I was a keen walker, regularly walking 12 miles plus. Then my toes started gripping the ground when I walked. This got worse and worse until I could no longer walk. I went to see Mr Ajis and his examination was thorough, and he listened to what I had to say. I had an MRI the next day, which showed a bone spur behind my ankle pushing on one of my tendons. Mr Ajis performed a hindfoot excision site process (removing the bone spur) by keyhole surgery. It is 6 weeks after surgery and I have a full range of motion and can already walk for up to an hour a day and continue to improve. I would recommend Mr Ajis as I am very pleased with my progress. Also, he was thorough, knowledgeable and explained everything clearly to me.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Many thanks to Mr Agis for the procedure of straightning three of my toes on l foot. I felt very comfortable in his care, things were explained and it all went just as he said it would. All the staff with him seemed relaxed and happy, which makes a happy patient. I may have to return to have my toes on the r foot straightened and i hope that it is Mr Ajis that will be doing it. Totaly recommend this lovely man.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

A highly professional and caring consultant. Mr Ajis made great improvements to an injury that has given me pain and restricted movement for over 30 years. No hesitation in recommending Mr Ajis. Thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Ten years plus - doctors, specialists, chiropodists, chiropractors. Standing, walking and driving, the pain would start in my toes, right foot first, increasing to unbearable pain in both feet. I shuffled could not lift a foot properly to take a step. Mr Ajis - THANK YOU My feet were X-rayed - no problems Ultra scan plus injection if a problem was found, there was (that really hurt) THANK YOU - I can now walk along the Promenade to town. Spent 3 hours in Chichester with friends. Stood for 5 hours helping with an event at church, yes my feet were tired, so was I! I'm playing golf at the end of the week. Driving - I feel confident now to drive to visit friends and family again that live some distance away, A HUGE THANK YOU - I can walk x

- Written by a patient at Worthing Hospital

I had correction surgery on my second toe as it was crossing my big toe. My shoes were rubbing it, it looked terrible, and was causing me pain. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which was causing the movement and I'm in my early forties. Adam Ajis, very kindly, said he could correct this, which he did, beautifully. I rested for about three weeks and then was on the move again. Six weeks after everything was back to normal, no pain and my foot looks completely normal again, you would never know I had surgery on it. I'm looking forward to getting my sandals on again and not worried that people are looking at my funny toe! Thank you Dr Ajis (you clever man).

- Written by a patient at Worthing Hospital

Mr Ajis was very informative and reassuring about my surgery. He was professional at all times and allowed time for me to have all my questions answered without feeling rushed.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I would recommend Mr Ajis he explained the procedure fully beforehand so that I knew exactly what to expect and how to deal with the affected area after surgery. The instructions were easy to understand and follow and I'm sure this aided a speedy recovery. At the follow-up appointment, I felt at ease to be a be able to quiz Mr Ajis further regarding a pin removal.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Mr Ajis is a great surgeon, he listens to any concern you may have and explains what is going to happen also gives great care. It turned out that I needed another operation to try and correct the problem that I had in my ankle and he suggested a fairly new procedure that wasn't available on the nhs but he pushed me through and he and his team have worked wonders, I am now healing very well and pain free in my ankle after 6 years!

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

After a bunionectomy many years ago, which was very successful for a long time, the toe began moving again two or three years ago. I was eventually referred to Mr Adam Ajis. Two months ago he performed a graft on the toe and so far this is progressing well. From the first consultation on Mr Ajis listened attentively, and, speaking to me as if I were a reasonably intelligent person, told me what he could do. He has a friendly relaxed and reassuring manner, without ever losing his professionalism. This was quite different from my earlier experiences with the foot. I have no hesitation in endorsing the positive comments others have made, and in recommending his services.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I found Mr Ajis a very pleasant person and easy to talk to. He accurately diagnosed my problem, and after the operation I was completely without pain in my foot.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I had an Akin procedure and Bunionectomy under local anaesthetic. The whole procedure was completely painless and completed in 20 minutes.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I had problems with a broken ankle and needed injections in my ankle and eventually, the rods and plates removed. The care and attention I received was second to none and I had complete confidence in Mr Ajis and the procedures I had. He was always kind, considerate and explained what was about to happen. I would recommend Mr Ajis to anyone.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Mr Ajis has carried out two separate surgical procedures to rectify an arthritic condition, which previously made it difficult for me to walk. I was admitted as a day case where he administered a nerve block procedure to my foot immediately before surgery, so I felt no pain during the operation and felt little to no discomfort post-operatively during my rehabilitation period. His attentive demeanour is second to none and I much appreciated the time and trouble he went to in order to keep me informed, answered any questions I had. Six months after my operation and I am walking completely without pain, which has made a big difference to my quality of life. I cannot recommend him highly enough and I would never consider going elsewhere for foot surgery. A fine man, an excellent surgeon.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I would like to give Mr. Adam Ajis a Five Star Review. He has operated on my feet three times and will take you through the operation step by step and discuss the risks and benefits of surgery and put you at your ease. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my operations were for corrective surgery on both feet. With his skill I can now walk with no pain. He is a very skilled surgeon.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

Mr Ajis is one of the best orthopedic surgeons I have met in a long time, I have nothing but praise for him, I had a bunion removed and the second toe straightened, I am so pleased with the outcome, from the consultation to the surgery and the aftercare absolutely faultless. I am awaiting one final operation, of which I know I will be as pleased with the outcome as i was with the last... And you Mr Ajis.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

An absolutely brilliant surgeon who listens to your every need, questions and worries. I was really impressed with his persona, how he keeps calm& that transcends unto his patients. His confidence in his work, the passion to support & care for his patients - makes you more assured that you're in the right place. His knowledge, experience & medical solution to my medical condition is undoubtedly 'brilliant!'. If anyone needs to see a foot surgeon out there, then go and see Mr Ajis.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

A brilliant doctor who truly cares about his patients. When it comes to problems with the foot or ankle I would recommend no one else.

- Written by a patient at BMI Goring Hall Hospital

I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my bunion operation, performed by Mr. Ajis. He explained carefully and thoroughly the procedure he would use, and the likely outcome and it has turned out better than I expected. A great surgeon!

- Mrs J R, Worthing

I had my operation mid September by Dr Adam Ajis and I must say how impressed I was with his work. I am very impressed with the results and the care and attention I received before, during and after my operation. I am eternally grateful for everything Dr Ajis and the hospital has done for me and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Ajis.

- S B, Sussex

The whole experience for me has been outstanding. From first meeting Mr. Ajis who came highly recommended, I felt reassured about the whole journey I was about to take, which I was very apprehensive about.

All the staff I have met at Goring Hall throughout the whole process were very professional, kind and understanding.
I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Mr Ajis and his team to anyone in a similar situation.

- JG, Sussex

Mr Ajis was just a lovely lovely man in the first instance - kind, reassuring and very professional. I felt that he had a genuine interest in the longterm wellbeing of his patients, and I was treated by him as an individual the whole way through. In terms of the procedure I have had an excellent result and have been able to participate in my sportfully once more with no pain or ill effects. Would thoroughly recommend Mr Ajis to anybody without hesitation.

- F W, Sussex

have had extensive foot and ankle surgery following multiple fractures and ligament damage. I have been plated and screwed back together and healing well. I am getting good function back and I've been very impressed and pleased with the surgery from Mr. Ajis being a local podiatrist myself at Ferring Foot Clinic, and being very happy with my own foot and ankle surgery is obviously a very good way to recommend this surgeon.

I am very grateful for such good surgery as without it, I might not have regained the use of my foot and ankle again.

- G P. Private Podiatrist, West Sussex

I would like to thank Mr Ajis for his superb surgery, to rectify a bunion, on my left foot which is now completely straight! I am delighted. I found him extremely helpful pre and post-operative and he spent time to fully explain the procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

- JR, Hove

Just to say a big thank you for the way my wife's operation was carried out at Goring Hall. From start to finish it was very efficient, from the whole team at Goring Hall. So many thanks to Mr Ajis the consultant surgeon doing the operation.

- Mr & Mrs A W, West Sussex

I required a second opinion on the treatment of a foot problem. I found him to be extremely attentive and concerned. I found Goring Hall to be most efficient in their administration and, in fact, the procedure was carried out a week earlier than planned. Everything went very smoothly on the day of admission and Mr Ajis visited me just before he carried out the operation. Upon recovery, I felt very well and was discharged by Mr Ajis the same day.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone who has a foot problem to see Mr Ajis. He is a most efficient, considerate and kind man.

- EH, West Sussex

I was experiencing severe pain on occasion, and a loss of support, causing me to lose stability. Mr Ajis examined me, recommending an MRI scan. The scan was done very quickly and a follow-up appointment followed very soon after that.

Mr Ajis explained that I had bone cysts on both ankles and that he could remove them and perform an arthroscopy to clean the joint of any debris that had built up over the years. I had the first procedure on the left ankle at Goring Hall Hospital as a day patient. I was operated on in the morning and was back at home by mid-afternoon. I can say that never did I have any pain as a result of this procedure...

...My second ankle was completed later in the year and I have had the same results, no pain or incapacity, other than the two week convalescence. I returned to work and have had no issues since.

My follow up appointments, to check on recovery and completion of treatment were with Mr Ajis. I was checked for joint mobility and any resulting discomfort, of which there was none.

I can thoroughly recommend this course of treatment to anyone who may benefit from it and I am delighted that I was referred to Mr Ajis at the outset.

- SB, Worthing

He has operated on both my feet to remove bunions and has done a really excellent job on both occasions. I now have no sign of the ugly bumps that I had for so long. Having shown my feet to several people they have been amazed how barely noticeable the scars are compared to other people who not been fortunate enough to have had the operations carried out by Mr. Ajis. One of the nurses who removed my stitches said his stitches are by far the best, so neat and careful in fact that they take for longer to remove! Mr. Ajis is extremely charming and friendly and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- R J

Mr Ajis has carried out bunion surgery on both my feet for me over the last six months. I am delighted with the results. Mr Ajis came to see me before my surgery and explained again what procedure he would be carrying out.

I was very well looked after by the theatre staff both before and after my op. When I had sufficiently recovered after the surgery, I returned to the ward, where the nursing staff made sure I was not in pain, Much to my surprise, I was indeed able to walk, without any pain and I did not need crutches or a stick...

...My second operation was a few months later as I had needed to postpone it due to a planned holiday. My treatment was as good as the previous time all the way through from my pre-op assessment to my final discharge by Mr. Ajis. Having keyhole surgery was even easier than the open surgery I had the first time and the wound healed very quickly. Once again I found I had no problems with walking after surgery or with any pain. I was able to drive after less than 4 weeks this time around.

I am delighted that I had the surgery carried out and would recommend the operation to anyone else who has bunions.

- J C, West Sussex

Falling heavily on my left knee, my quadriceps became detached which necessitated an operation to repair.
I was able to see Adam on the evening of the day I returned to the UK and my operation was booked in for a week later. Adam was in my room as I returned from theatre and visited me again on the following day. The operation was a success and my immediate recovery very good. His encouragement was very welcome and I believe helped to make a bad experience a little more bearable. I have nothing but gratitude for Adam's care and attention.

- J H, Horsham

Dr Ajis is fantastic! He is extremely warm and friendly and puts you at ease. I am petrified of needles but manage to have an injection on my own (a nurse did hold my hand). The surgery its self is amazing. It is extremely neat and you can barely see the scars. My ankle feels remarkable, I just wish he still did hips.

- S W, Worthing

The repair to the torn tendon in my foot by Mr Ajis at Goring Hall Hospital was both professional, personal and understanding to the stress I was in. He explained in detail how the operation was to be carried out, and after the procedure, he explained what he had to do during the operation. I found Mr Ajis to be caring and patient both pre and post-operation. I wouldn't hesitate to see him again if any further surgery was ever necessary. I highly recommend Goring Hall Hospital and all of the Staff.

- JF, West Sussex

When pursuing my hobby golf last October on a particularly hilly course I found I could hardly walk afterwards. I decide to go to Goring Hall where I met Mr Ajis. I was immediately struck by his positive attitude. I was offered three alternatives, arthroscopy, heel fusion or ankle replacement. I decided to go for the ankle replacement. The surgery went off without any problems. At three months I am walking around the golf course three times a week without any undue reaction. My range of movement is now about 75%, also there is still some numbness around the foot but I am able to pursue my normal active life. The full ankle replacement was, without doubt, the best option and I would recommend it to anybody wants it done.

- RP, West Sussex

Mr Ajis was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and eager to provide insightful practical advice in addition to orthopaedic services. He has enabled me to get back on my feet quickly and facilitated a marked reduction in my foot pain. I am delighted with the improvements Mr Ajis has brought about and would thoroughly recommend him.

- J C. Chichester

I recently experienced severe pain under the ball of my foot when walking. He immediately diagnosed arthritis of the big toe, as well as other related problems and recommended surgery. Mr Ajis was very reassuring explaining to me in detail what he was planning to do. The operation was carried out in mid-June and the treatment I received from him and his team was first class in every way. Two months after the operation, my foot still swells up and I have been warned by Mr Ajis that this may happen for some time. However, the original problem has been completely eliminated, for which I am incredibly thankful.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ajis, whom I consider to be an extremely skilful, kind and caring surgeon.

- JB, Sussex

Mr Ajis was excellent from the very first time that I met him. He was very thorough and very clear about how he felt he could help me. He explained what he could do and the procedure he proposed and exactly what I should expect when I was to attend Goring Hall hospital. I met Mr Ajis again on the morning of my surgery and he again explained how the keyhole surgery he had planed would result in a fairly non-invasive solution to my problem. The surgery was very successful and when I returned for a follow-up consolation Mr Ajis was highly professional once again. I would recommend him unreservedly. The surgery has worked well and I am making a good and speedy recovery.

- PD, West Sussex

My experience of treatment for Morton's Neuroma was both positive and successful. Mr Ajis was informative, calm and friendly and explained the procedure fully to me and what to expect post-surgery. Mr Ajis advice regarding the healing process was accurate and all follow-up appointments were arranged for me before leaving the hospital, post-procedure. I found Mr Ajis to be a consultant who took time with his patients and had every confidence in his care.

- VC, West Sussex

For several years I had a bunion and hammertoe on the right foot but lived with them. For some reason, the toe became very painful 2 years ago and I, therefore, decided to have the operation. On arrival, I had a series of X Rays taken of my foot and saw Mr Adam Ajis directly. I was impressed by his open and friendly approach and felt immediately reassured. All went well, I felt at ease and totally unworried. I was amazed at the lack of pain following the operation. I was completely off pain killers 3 days after surgery. My foot after 10 weeks looks very good, the best it has been for years if still slightly swollen around the toes. I am back in normal shoes though I still try to wear sensible as much as I can but wore high heels last week for the first time and felt comfortable.

I would undoubtedly recommend Mr Adam Ajis to anyone. I felt at all times in good hands. When the time comes to have my right foot dealt with, it will certainly be with Mr Adam Ajis.

- R G

I had an operation, under general anaesthetic, to remove excess bone from around the big toe joint of both feet, performed by Mr Adam Ajis on the 8th December 2015. The whole procedure was explained very carefully by both Mr Ajis and supporting staff and I felt relaxed and totally comfortable with the process. The operation was totally successful, I was on my feet within a few hours of the operation, the following day I was walking around, with a minimal use of sticks to support me, and within a week I was almost back to normal having removed the protective bandages so that I could wear normal footwear and continue with my life.

I would like to thank Mr Ajis for his expert work and would recommend him to anyone considering having a operation on their feet.

- C D, Angmering, West sussex

In meeting Mr Ajis I found him to be a charming person which made me feel at ease immediately. Mr Ajis diagnosed my problems explaining clearly how he intended to repair the damage. He offered ample time and opportunity to answer any questions I had. On the day of the operation, he again explained clearly what he intended to do. I followed his clear instructions for recuperation. Once the plaster was removed, Mr Ajis was very pleased with the healing, as I was. I attended physiotherapy and am confident that the swelling I experience towards the end of the day will eventually disappear. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ajis to other patients and would happily return to him should I ever need his help in the future.

- D G

My operation for the removal of a bunion was performed by Mr Ajis on 10th February in Goring Hall Hospital. By mid March I was engaging in my daily routine of walking for one hour, 30 minutes on my exercise bike and by the end of March, five minutes on my small trampoline.

During my first appointment Mr Ajis spent a generous amount of time explaining to me the process of the operation followed by exact details as to how I was to manage the foot after the operation. I followed his instructions conclusively. The wound healed very quickly and the swelling reduced. During my two follow up appointments Mr Ajis encouraged my efforts and continued to offer me further advice.

I am now fully recovered and the experience resulted in a great success.

- Mrs V W

In February 2014 I was referred to Mr Adam Ajis at Goring Hall Hospital West Sussex regarding my ankle. After an MRI scan it showed I would need surgery. During all my consultations and the surgery Mr. Ajis was always smart, professional, kind and caring and above all competent.His secretary too was always helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. Mr. Ajis explained in detail what needed to be done and was reassuring and very accommodating, as at the time I had things planned ie, birthday celebrations, a new Granddaughter arriving and a trip to Canada booked. Mr. Ajis very kindly fitted the operation around all of these.

I would like to thank Mr. Ajis for his outstanding medical care, kindness and compassion for my well being throughout.

- S K

I have had treatment on my leg following a rupture in the tendons. Mr Ajis was very attentive right from the start. He was caring and courteous and I had every confidence in him. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who had a lower leg injury. With his help and further treatment by a physiotherapist I am now almost back to normal.

- S S

In all aspects of my treatment so far with Mr Ajis I really cannot speak highly enough of him. I have found Mr Ajis very enthusiastic and professional from the outset and very keen to improve my well-being as quickly as possible. Mr Ajis explained everything clearly to me, pre-op and again post op, with high regard for my wellbeing. After my initial experiences of being treated by Mr. Ajis, I would not hesitate in endorsing his qualities.

- A D

I saw Mr Ajis with a great toe injury sustained after an accident. From my first consultation I received a clear diagnosis and a decisive treatment plan. Mr Ajis explained in detail the nature of my injury and the treatment it required. I had many questions which were answered thoroughly and without impatience. Throughout all of my treatment I was treated with warmth and empathy. Mr Ajis went out of his way to help me find the right treatment option at the right hospital. My treatment was successful and, most importantly for me I was back up on my feet and working at full strength again after 7 weeks. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ajis to other patients.

- J H

I am pleased to be able to advise that I have nothing but praise for the treatment I received from Mr Ajis. I found him a charming person who put me at ease right from the first consultation. He was very thorough and clear when advising me what procedure he proposed for me and was happy to answer any questions I had in a way that was easy for me to understand. Following the operation he again explained to me in a clear manner what he had done and what the followup procedure would be in connection with the removal of the stitches and the pin and the proposed time scale for my recovery.

At the present time I am extremely pleased with the progress I am making and have been pleasantly surprised with how quickly I have got back to walking, driving my car and riding my bike albeit that, as is to be expected, the foot does swell up by the end of the day.

- S B

At my initial appointment Mr Ajis listened to my explanation of the problem with my R big toe. He showed me the X-ray and gave me the 2 options for surgery. Together we chose the best option for me. I did not feel rushed at all. Having my surgery at Goring Hall was as pleasant an experience as is possible with any operation. At all times I felt resected and confident in the care I received from everyone involved. Mr Ajis came to see me before and after surgery which ut me at ease. I had my 1 stitch removed by the nurse after 2 weeks and saw the physio who gave me exercises to do. At my 6 weeks check u I saw Mr Ajis again and said how very pleased I was with his skilful surgery. He answered my questions patiently and appeared to be pleased with the end result himself! I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ajis.

- SH, West Sussex

I injured my right ankle in April 2010. Having suffered great instability and pain for the following years, I was referred to Mr Adam Ajis at Goring Hospital in West Sussex on the NHS, following failed cortisone injections. Mr. Ajis was fantastic. Very reassuring, kind and took all the time I required to answer any queries or concerns. I had surgery in March 2015. My operation of ankle ligament reconstruction surgery and ankle arthroscopy has been amazingly successful; I am walking better than I have in years. He did not rush me in my recovery time, and was very pleased with my progress and the operation.

- A P

I had a scarf osteotomy with a few extras by Dr Ajis on 27/12/13 at Southlands Hospital. It's now just over a week after surgery and I'm in for removal of stitches tomorrow. I felt really comfortable with Dr Ajis, He went through everything with me on the consultation and on the day of my operation. He is a very nice guy and has such a friendly approachable face, He makes you feel you're in good hands. He is a great professional and I would highly recommend him. I look forward to improving the pain I had in my feet and hopefully, they will look a bit nicer than they did. I have not had any problems so far and have been strict with the healing process and will continue to do so.

- J S

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